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  • Nancy Dick

    Join Southeast Media Sunrise host, Jodi Hockinson, as she welcomes Nancy Dick, author of Amanda Goes to Las Vegas. Nancy Dick holds 3 bachelor’s degrees, in art, sociology and journalism […]

  • Michael Deeze

    Named one of the “Most Exciting Independent Writers for 2018” by Indie Authors Magazine for his short stories, Michael Deeze has written two novels, Bless Me Father, available on Kindle and in paperback and For […]

  • Karen Beth Ford

    Southeast Media Sunrise podcast with guest Karen Ford, author of Money Matters, available on Kindle and in Paperback. Host, Jodi Hockinson. Karen is a Master Financial Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, […]

  • David Essel

    Join host Jodi Hockinson with today’s guest, David Essel, author of Angel on a Surfboard, available on Kindle, Audiobook and in Paperback. David Essel, M. S., is a number one best-selling author […]

  • Mary Lou Cheatham

    Mary Lou Cheatham (Mary Cooke) began her life on a Mississippi farm north of Hot Coffee and south of Taylorsville. Her family spent their winter evenings playing games, reading, and […]

  • Tony Klinger

    Join host Jodi Hockinson as she welcomes Tony Klinger, author of Under God’s Table. Tony Klinger is a writer & filmmaker. In June he received Romford’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” which […]

  • Debra S. Yates

    Join us for this entertaining podcast with Debra Yates, author of Woman with Many Names, now available in hardcover and paperback. Debra Yates hails from Ohio but now resides in St. Pete […]

  • Podcast: Cynthia Lee De Boer

    Join Southeast Media Sunrise host Jodi Hockinson as she welcomes Cynthia Lee De Boer, author of Me Myself and Eye, the realities of living with a prosthetic eye, available on […]

  • Podcast: Michelle R. Hannah

    Join Southeast Media Sunrise host, Jodi Hockinson, with guest Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, author of The Vows, A Workbook for Marriage Success and Understanding Yourself, available on Kindle, in Hardcover […]

  • Podcast: Dr. Cletus R. Bulach

    Dr. Cletus R. Bulach is a retired Ohio school superintendent and associate professor emeritus at the University of West Georgia. He is the author of numerous articles in educational journals […]

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