Podcast: Luthie M. West

Join Southeast Media Sunrise host, Jodi Hockinson, with guest Luthie M West, author of Cat Soup, a children’s story and picture book, now available on Kindle, in Harcover and in Paperback.

In 2017, Luthie M. West wrote and published 4 children’s picture books. Today, she is working on two young adult novels. Luthie grew up in a big family, being the 2nd of 7 children. She involved them in entertaining their parents as youth.

Luthie has 2.5 adult children of her own who learned to read at the age of two years.

Luthie graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature decades before their internet presence. She has had a variety of occupations as well, garnering the descriptive name of Renaissance Woman by those who know her.

Youtube version here.

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