Michael Deeze

Named one of the “Most Exciting Independent Writers for 2018” by Indie Authors Magazine for his short stories, Michael Deeze has written two novels, Bless Me Father, available on Kindle and in paperback and For I Have Sinned, also available on Kindle and in paperback.  His third book, The Heretic, has recently been sent to the publisher. 

Forced into retirement last Spring after a quadruple bypass, he is a physician, veteran, son, and father.  Now residing in the Rockford, Illinois, area, Mike spent decades living near the forests of northern Wisconsin. 

He has visited every state in the Union and worked on five of the seven continents of the world.  He is also creating The Legacy Project, aimed at showing people how important their own life stories are and teaching them how to produce their own legacy by creating an oral history of their life experiences…

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