Jean O’Toole Returns!

This was a very informative and entertaining podcast with Jeane O’Toole, author of Scholarship Strategies, Finding and Winning the Money You Need, available on Kindle and in paperback.  In our last interview, we talked about scholarships, myths and misconceptions, focusing on scholarships issued by companies and their needs, scholarships for older students, the importance of scholarships that are small as well as large, and different strategies of working smarter-not-harder.

Today, we found out some more great information about winning scholarships -there were two fantastic scholarship opportunities at, for ages 13 -18,  and the other at, which is for any age up to 18!

Jean also provided helpful tips about:

  • The strategy of students helping to create scholarships that they can apply for.
  • Using past homework assignments as material for scholarship
  • How to make the most of the current downtime

You can find more great tips and strategies to help you get the jump on getting your scholarship, no matter what age you are, in her book, Scholarship Strategies, Finding and Winning the Money you need.

For more information about Jean and her book, please visit her website at

Following is the YouTube version:

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