Alan Geik

Meet Alan Geik, author of the riveting new historical fiction novel, Glenfiddich Inn, as he joins Southeast Media Sunrise podcast host Jodi Hockinson. Glenfiddich Inn is available on Kindle and in Paperback.

Alan Geik grew up in the Bronx, New York, and graduated from the City College of New York. Soon after I received a Masters of Science degree from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

He was drawn to film making and became a film editor and worked at Wide World of Sports in New York. After moving to Los Angeles, he was hired by Paramount Pictures as an editor and worked on a number of iconic films.

For 25 years, he hosted a music show on KCRW in Santa Monica, one of the largest public radio stations in America, as well as a popular weekend show at KXLU, a Los Angeles radio station.

In 2000 he produced and financed two music recordings, Caravana Cubana “Late Night Sessions” and “del alma.” “Late night Sessions” received two Grammy nominations.

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